Best app functions for business

Speaking about having it all figured out, we like to put sometimes aside handy options to manage a business and keep What’sapp as the king/queen of internal communications. But of course, there are more fish in the see to discover, experiment and use for long, since technologies have advanced with us and even faster in […]

Absolute domain

The contact information of your business is one of the first things to get. Sometimes it’s not enough to be visible on Facebook, Twitter and others. There are a lot of people wanting to listen to your offers in a closer way or have a backup of your conversations. Also, future clients feel more secure […]

Facebook’s all about it

Great news for business people using Facebook as the main source of promoting services: there are especial activities to get attention. First things first: Facebook got more viewers than YouTube last year; therefore, videos are a great way to prove your popularity. We can take the example of ‘Insider’. The site shares short videos with […]

The frightened people

One of the greatest delights about life is diversity, although there are people clamming that we believe too much in being unique and that is not exactly neither true nor good for personal interactions. Anyway, most of the time we ignore everything that is not so common for not being close to ourselves. For example, […]

Why should you know before you do

We’ve been talking about what to do with a new idea, with your incomes, with your job and your expenses, but we haven’t talk about some important subjects related to business. It’s not enough to come up with something you like to do/give, but to cover the costumer’s needs. Many successful business have had such […]

Cyber-security for all

A very important subject that not all of us are aware about is cyber security. And that shouldn’t be like so, because we are all online, writing our info and sending it out, so, how is it going to improve? Malwares and cyber-attacks can affect anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are an employee, a […]

How to believe?

Two years ago, when I was still a student of Communication I was attending to a conference of censorship of media, and questioned about how can we guarantee the veracity of the information running through the Internet and how to punish or regulate acts of defamation and manipulation of the data. The speaker said: ‘unfortunately, […]

Show of the week

We are glad to tell you about the next original series, due to it’s topics and analysis. If you are willing to see something new, you can check this out. Black Mirror is a short show that over expose the media and technologies issues base don human behaviour. This british production runs around people acting acording […]