How to choose the one

If you’re still out there thinking about going to a marketing agency (such as Titan Star Solutions), but you’re not sure what you should be looking for, we’ll tell you the answer. As we said before, getting help from digital marketing will ease things a lot for you and your business. You can create different […]

How to know?

We’ve been talking about self-employment many times before here, and we understand there’s a common struggle for being happier at work, that’s why we‘re glad to provide you with some information so you can tell when it is the right time to leave your job, if you gave it a good thought already, and look […]

Introduction to the cyber attacks

Get together guys, let me tell you a little story. Do you remember March? It’s been like two months since then. It turns out that our beloved friend Bill Gates send to all of Microsoft users an urgent alert to update the system against cyber attacks, after it’s vulnerability was detected. But, if you do […]

5 reasons why

If you’re still now convinced about turning your business into digital marketing, I think I have to say: ‘shame on you’. But I’ll let you realized about it all by yourself just telling you what you might be missing for being out. First things first: digital marketing helps you save money, since the resources you […]

Polishing a diamond is…

There’s something else you should know about improving the office’s environment: human development. This concept runs around all that knowledge you can offer to your employees to make them better persons and hard-workers. Many times companies forget about this and the only things that matter are money, productivity and goals. BUT neither they nor you […]

Good team work, guys!

As business get bigger, business people have to turn on working with more people, and even though it is a hard thing to do when teams are larger than 5 or 7 members, we all have to learn in order to get better results. Team work is always a concern for companies, since all of […]

And keep taking care!

Alright. So we talked about apps for health care last time, but now we’ll take the chance of a near weekend to keep showing ourselves a little love. For those people working at an office, or even from home, but spending a lot of time sitting/in front of the computer, here are some tips to […]

Take care!

It is very hard in our days to keep up right with everything, but one thing we can’t put aside is health. Wether the user suffers from a chronical condition or wants to know about their physical activities during the day, health apps for smartphones or tablets are right there to help. Even if this […]

Friendly advice

It is easy to believe that it’s enough with having your own website, so you can receive your future customers, but of course it’s not. Managing a business page is very important, since: Most of us can’t see all of our own mistakes, so we need to be supported by specialized people. Many times, client’s […]

Best app functions for business

Speaking about having it all figured out, we like to put sometimes aside handy options to manage a business and keep What’sapp as the king/queen of internal communications. But of course, there are more fish in the see to discover, experiment and use for long, since technologies have advanced with us and even faster in […]