And keep taking care!

Alright. So we talked about apps for health care last time, but now we’ll take the chance of a near weekend to keep showing ourselves a little love.

For those people working at an office, or even from home, but spending a lot of time sitting/in front of the computer, here are some tips to stay fresh, comfortable and healthy while working.

One of the first things to do is to take breaks. Your mind needs to stop for a while and get focus on something else before you go back to what you’re doing. This you have to do every 40 minutes for at least 5 minutes.

If you are reading or using a computer (or any other electronic device) you’ll be looking at it and forgetting to blink. How fun is that? Every minute we are supposed to blink between 15 and 20 times. But if you’re staring at a screen, you won’t do it so, and there comes trouble: this will give you dry eyes, irritation and tiredness.

If your job allows you to, listen to music you like, since it’s proven to increase your productivity and put you in a good mood. BUT don’t use your earphones for more than an hour, because it can (and it will) damage your ears. You better go for some horns.

You’ve probably heard about moving every once in a while from your sit. And you also probably haven’t done that. The thing is we don’t give our body enough movement sometimes and it will give us repercussions. You can search for some routines for working hours.

Finally, it is needed that you take a good break-fast before you start your activities, for it will give you energy enough to face the day. The first thing you should drink at morning is a glass of water.

And I know is hard to read this, but you should also give up on coffee. Turn into green or chai tea or an apple instead. Stress and coffee can’t make you or your stomach any good.

Do you have any other advice? What has work for you?

About the author: Gabriela Dimas