And the winners to the easiest ways to succeed are…

I am happy to say there’s a lot of people taking chances and starting out new business ideas in Mexico, especially young people, housewives and former unemployed persons, who turned to manage their own time and investments to make things happened.

Nowadays, there are easier ways to get incomes with not-so-expensive and popular business. For example, one of the most prolific trades are fast-food places and food trucks because they provide office workers and students who can’t expend too much time nor money.

Also, serving almost the same targets are languages classes. Globalization has forced us to change places and offer added values. That’s the same reason why freelance services are required so much today and are a great option too.

Mexicans know almost everything can be turned into a party, whether is about a wedding or a prom, an engagement, a college reunion or a birthday, we are always trying to have fun and share time with our loved ones. That is why event planners are having such success, so if you are a control lover and love to make settlements, you can explore this area.

Finally there is a nice way to approach to interesting people from different places by giving personal guided tours, and it gets even better if you can speak another language. You’ll have to do some research about museums, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions and lose the afraid of speaking in public.

As you can see, any of this will need a low investment and is easy to offer thanks to websites such as Linkedin and Facebook. That is our favorite part of it, the fact that you don’t need too much to have incomes and do something interesting.

We hope this information can help you out. We’d love to answer your questions and read your comments below about this subject. Remember that options are unlimited and you have to do what people around you isn’t doing now. So let’s rock on!

About the author: Gabriela Dimas