Best app functions for business

Speaking about having it all figured out, we like to put sometimes aside handy options to manage a business and keep What’sapp as the king/queen of internal communications.

But of course, there are more fish in the see to discover, experiment and use for long, since technologies have advanced with us and even faster in some areas.

So if you’re feeling disoriented or messy, watch these four points to know what you can use on your smart-phone or even improve and develop your own app for business and business people.


  1. E-mail and file savers clouds

With these applications, you can use a common platform for you and your co-workers, save files or create presentations from them. This is really handy for projects in process, because you can improve your ‘digital’ team work.


  1. Internal social media

Nowadays, this is a useful tool to keep your people connected, informed and working together, keeping away the distractions of Facebook even, and sliding your team into a fresh environment of communications.


  1. Business and financial news

We all know it, but not all of us do it: to be informed about the latest movements, taking examples from other companies, knowing your competitors, get inspired, meditate the own decisions or find new ways to get closer with your clients are great things to do while reading this topics with specialized news. And all of this power can be at the top of your palm.

  1. Statistics

You can count now with a statistics reading app, which will tell you about your website’s visits, new clients, strongest points, trends and more in order to always keep in touch with your sites and costumers.


Do you have another favorite app? Which is it and how has it help you? We’d love to read about your thoughts. Let us know if we can help you out with more info like this.


About the author: Gabriela Dimas