Bill Gates says

Have you ever been so insecure about what to do with your money? Or have you been thinking about doing this and that without really know about the consequences? How much money do you save and what are you saving it for?

I personally used to think about living the day as I was hard working but not knowing where I was heading to, until I left my job and depended on someone else for months before I went back to work. That’s what I needed to be through to get some enlightening.

As it was expected to, I changed my mind about lots of issues around money. I started to analyze a little bit more before I spent a dime and settled up what I needed the most in order to focus on it: buy/pay what would give me incomes.

It helps a lot of course when you can hear about it from a powerful, financial free person. And I know it can sound kind of far, but our friend Bill Gates has given some advices on what to do with your money, in case you didn’t know (which is actually very common).

Although he left Harvard in his youth, Gates recognized that education must be the first big investment in our lives, since it provides us with knowledge and makes us aspire to a better job.

Next thing to do is to set goals. Do you want to take a trip, pay your dues or re new your house? Whatever your plan is, setting dates will give you a mission and will make you be conscious about your expenses.

Know that you can always be in a worst economic situation and to crave always for more (or hold on to what can’t last forever) will make you feel unsatisfied. Be grateful! You may not be exactly where you want to be, but you’re not where you used to. Remember all the way you’ve been through by now. That way you’ll find easier to persevere.

You’ll have to be able to listen to advices, even though you don’t have to do everything you’re told to. Nonetheless, it is always good to know different points of view, take the best out of them and form your own philosophy.

That also implies to be flexible, in order to take it easy if you fail.  Take in mind that in the way to get your goal you may commit some mistakes and you know what? That is okay.

About the author: Gabriela Dimas