Facebook’s all about it

Great news for business people using Facebook as the main source of promoting services: there are especial activities to get attention. First things first: Facebook got more viewers than YouTube last year; therefore, videos are a great way to prove your popularity.

We can take the example of ‘Insider’. The site shares short videos with diverse info, making it interesting, fast and effective. We have to remember people won’t be staring at it for long.

You have to call their attention as soon as possible, and the best thing to do is to bait them in thirty seconds. What a challenge, right?

Besides, millennials are there. There is more young people using Facebook than Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat all together, and that’s the target that consumes the most audio-visual productions.

Actually, ignoring all this phenomena represents a huge risk to the service or product that expects to get new clients. There are many people managing old business believing they have enough publicity from person to person.

And most of the time, you should not do all of this alone. Digital marketing providers, such as Titan Star Solutions, have the knowledge to help you out.

Did you know that a better way to get people into your posts on Facebook is to share them at different hours than the most active ones?

It is also a good idea to get closer to your clients. How can we do that? Well, maybe you can open up your business and activities to your followers and show how the magic’s done.

Ask them about their opinions and advices or petitions to improve your services. Make them feel important, because they are! Just think about it. You have to please those who keep you going. Give them a little love.

Don’t forget to give a lot of love to your business too, and consider investing in your digital marketing plans. Titan Star Solutions’ team will be happy to help you and leave the limits behind.

About the author: Gabriela Dimas