Good team work, guys!

As business get bigger, business people have to turn on working with more people, and even though it is a hard thing to do when teams are larger than 5 or 7 members, we all have to learn in order to get better results.

Team work is always a concern for companies, since all of us are different and tending to believe we have the truth in our hands. Therefore, having a good environment must be a priority.

That’s why we are here to give some ideas so you can take what you need and put it on the conference room.

We have to know, for example, that sometimes working with others will take us a little more time than working alone, because of discussions. And that makes us believe that there are certain tasks that can’t be democratic.

But it doesn’t have to be so. The base is to build a confident team, where every member knows about each other’s abilities and can provide help when needed. They all have to chase the same goal, so they can take the same path. They must feel important and integrated.

It is a good idea to involve your people in ‘your’ decisions, since it’s not so motivating to work for someone who decides everything alone.

Also, you can rotate your partner’s roles, so they can understand the difficulties about each area.  That must reduce officer’s conflicts. Make them feel responsible for both success and failures. Members have to communicate effectively with each other, otherwise, nothing will work in order. What techniques are you using for it?

Do you know what the concerns of your team? What are they willing to do? What are the problems they are facing? Do they have all the tools they need to work their best? Are you a role model? Is your team adaptable to people and situations? All of these are questions you must process and answer so you can make a change.

What has work for you before? Please, leave your comments below and tell us your story.


About the author: Gabriela Dimas