Human beings had changed…

It has been said that all of us conceive the things better through the view, the sound or the movement (kinesthesia), and to know what’s our most developed sense will helps us to establish what kind of techniques we must use to study at school, memorize and communicate or interpret messages daily.

But as said in ‘Homo Videns’, written by the Italian author Giovanni Sartori, the actual model of the clock-working communication around the globe is turning to know and learn everything through our eyes.

A lot has changed since minstrels started informing and singing about the last news, which were still kind of late and could be changed by themselves. As much as changes that have happened since ‘The war of the worlds’ came out to freak radio-listeners in 1938.

And it’s still changing while we move from reading the newspaper and read just the news at the screen.

Because of this we must analyze how fast are we moving and how much we should stay the way we are: nowadays, if somebody wants to make a point, they have to run and film/edit a two or three (or less) minute video and say very much with very little.

That is why large, medium and small companies are using this type of advertising and sells marketing, since people is all the time interested in well defined-short calls to their attention.

Also, it is a fantastic way to take the clients into information, instead of slam it everywhere, even if it doesn’t reach the target!  So if you’re looking for new forms to get costumers, Titan Star Solutions offers you the best digital marketing solutions.

We are (happily) living this era, when you can catch the chance to innovate your business with technologies and get to more and bigger places.

About the author: Gabriela Dimas