Introduction to the cyber attacks

Get together guys, let me tell you a little story. Do you remember March? It’s been like two months since then. It turns out that our beloved friend Bill Gates send to all of Microsoft users an urgent alert to update the system against cyber attacks, after it’s vulnerability was detected. But, if you do remember, many users ignored it. Also, many others had been infected by that time.

Now let’s travel forward. May 2017, a major cyber bully appears and takes away our homework, lunch, money and safety by kidnaping our computers.

Does it sound terrifying enough yet? Well, it’s not over. A second attack showed up right away after the ransomware ‘WannaCry’ came to cause damage on companies, institutions and civil society. And this one attempts to create and steal money. Adylkuzz it’s named.

This can be acting without the user knowing, but one of the signals is the low functions on the computer. A group of hackers sent a message claiming to be the author of the cyber attack and to have in it’s hands privileged information taken from the NASA, which is willing to sell, before they also attack safe websites and routers.

All of this goes to keep warning you, as we’ve done before in  Titan Star Solutions’ blog about the risks we’re all running online if we don’t learn about how can we keep our data, personal information and devices safe.

Have you got any of this problems? What do you do to protect yourself on the net? Did you like this scary story? Let uncle Titan know about it.


About the author: Gabriela Dimas