Polishing a diamond is…

There’s something else you should know about improving the office’s environment: human development. This concept runs around all that knowledge you can offer to your employees to make them better persons and hard-workers.

Many times companies forget about this and the only things that matter are money, productivity and goals. BUT neither they nor you are clock working machines, so we all have to take that idea out of our minds.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options to start a change. We want to set ideas, fallow procedures, make people comfortable and build a happy and successful business with happy people. How great is that?

Everyone can improve and become the best version of them, and you can either count with external helpers or develop your own program based on other’s experiences with your Human Resources office.

This program must include conversations, activities, conferences and reading/writing material about attitudes, fears, communication, free time management and human values.

You have to stay up with that work and not just do it once a year every two years or so, but to always keep it fresh. I’m sure you’ll see the change in your partners immediately.

Also, you can check out some techniques to make a strong new team from day one. I remember a dance session back when I was a student. This professor asked us to dance several Latin rhythms with a classmate to make us have fun and get to know each other. I must say it was a total success.

Have you been in a human development course? What has work you?


About the author: Gabriela Dimas