Show of the week

We are glad to tell you about the next original series, due to it’s topics and analysis. If you are willing to see something new, you can check this out. Black Mirror is a short show that over expose the media and technologies issues base don human behaviour.

This british production runs around people acting acording to devices, apps, and ‘futurist’ posibilities of daily life matters. Each episode tells a complete diferent story with new characters and situations.

Propably the success of Black Mirror has been because of the closeness to reality, despite the fact that it may sound over the top.

Actually, the title came up because we are all reflecting our own images on a TV or a Smartphone’s or computer’s screen constantly.

You can find an episode about how much we need/want to be liked through our websites, social media accounts or blogs, and we make our social status depend on it, or an episode about a michine that mimics the dead in order to confort those who can’t let them go.

The subjects of this were made to take our lives on the table and make ourselves question what kind of use are we giving to technology.

Because as we all know, it has made life easier in so many ways, but there is also always a red sign about taking it too far.

So if you’re looking for a TV show for the weekend, we invite you to give Black Mirror a chance. You can even find it on Netflix.

Remember we’d love to read your comments, so please come back around and tell us your opinión about the series.


About the author: Gabriela Dimas