The age of glory

Last week we talk about how young people is turning to self-employement, entrepreneuring and business online.

So now we’ll tell you about another known topic, which is successful bussiness people that starter to taste the age of glory, leaving behind the ‘youth’.

For example, did you know that Harland Sanders, the creator of KFC, took strenght out of a previus failure and became what we all know at age 65?

And what about pharmacist John Pemberton, who found Coca-Cola being 55 years old? Stan Lee never stoped his creativity and gave the world The Fantastic Four after his 39th birthday.

As we said before, success is a matter of too many elements needed. And frequently, the times that a potential entrepreneur is living is one of them.

New technologies will create new ideas. That was the case or Craig Newmark, inventor of Craiglist, who was 42 years old and continued updating his website, since competitors online can always get stronger.

This article is of course to encourage and invite you to make your idea a reality. In many cases, counting on resources such as Internet, will do the rest. Being past your thirties must not take your intelligence and capacities away.

Many of us believe that age is a limit. We’re worried about being married, having a degree, own a car or a house and we hardly ever stop to think about doing what we like the most and take advantage out of it.

That’s why we are glad for all those people working and learning to improve their idea and get to it by embracing changes. Digital evolution must be our best allied, so we hope you keep that in mind and look for your best options.






About the author: Gabriela Dimas