The distance between

Have you heard about financial freedom? Are you feeling financially free? What does it take to do it so?

Being financially free is, to many of us, maybe just a dream by now, but in reality it means to do what you love and not to  work for someone else’s purposes.   Also, it’s believed that it implies to have lots of money and possessions, but it’s not quite like that.

We have a bunch of wrong ideas about working, studying, waiting for the future, money and ways to get it. If you want to change your life, you have to be sure about giving up your beliefs on this subject.

You can be rich and still not know what to do with your expenses, so you might end up without a dime. Being financially free will increase your stability and peace as long as you learn about it.

There are very clear ways to reach this goal, and one of them was mentioned before for us: getting more than one income. Weather you do sells at the same time you’re working with different job, or turn your hobbies into teaching classes about them, or being an assessor. You can name the possibilities, it only takes a plan and your will.

Another one is to invest small amounts of money in a few interest of yours and wait for the income back in the future.

Next thing I’m going to say might sound dumb and impossible, but it’s a fact. I warned you. Ready? Don’t look for a job! Don’t wait to be called, to be picked up or to fail next to a friend of the employer, don’t put yourself on proof.  Work on your own ideas, time and rules. What better example than this to talk about independence?

A great chance to create, also said before, is online. Selling your knowledge over the net is easier than you think and there are plenty platforms to help you out.

It is very advisable to push yourself with internet, marketing and education. You can start with your own projects, but it can take you a lot more obstacles and time, that’s why we’ve been talking about learning and take risks with all the opportunities that Internet offers.

About the author: Gabriela Dimas