The frightened people

One of the greatest delights about life is diversity, although there are people clamming that we believe too much in being unique and that is not exactly neither true nor good for personal interactions.

Anyway, most of the time we ignore everything that is not so common for not being close to ourselves. For example, there is a strange condition around technologies. Young persons are suffering for being afraid of the internet.

And don’t get it as a funny situation, since it is real and can cause several problems in those who go through it. It’s not like other unjustified phobias and doesn’t have to be cured right away, by the way.

Feeling insecure while surfing the net means having anxiety attacks, feeling repulsed by this electronics devices and getting trapped into thoughts that any other person wouldn’t take seriously.

Most of the times, it comes from believing that personal data is not save at all. Which can be true, if we don’t have the precautions we talked about before in one of our posts.

In fact, one of the most interesting things about it is that at least 13% of internet users are ok about the net, but just refuses to get into social media. In that case, motives are complex. People find in them a good way to get distracted from important activities, be found by those who prefer to keep away, see useless or harmful information or get stalked.

This last point is even bigger: what about Facebook users uploading photos, videos or information about someone who chose not to be a user too?

It becomes a subject to talk about while looking for internet ethics, and of course it points out the fact that we’re never asking ‘technophobics’ what would they need from the rest of us to feel secure.

Do you have any comments about it? Have you been near to this experience? Let us know everything about it.

About the author: Gabriela Dimas