Friendly advice

It is easy to believe that it’s enough with having your own website, so you can receive your future customers, but of course it’s not. Managing a business page is very important, since:

  1. Most of us can’t see all of our own mistakes, so we need to be supported by specialized people.
  2. Many times, client’s opinion (through the internet) is not taken seriously, but aggressive.
  3. It is one of the main sources of information for new clients.
  4. If you don’t exist on the net, you almost don’t exist at all as a company.
  5. Having a person in charge for both website and social media accounts, will make you sure about your presence and will save you time and effort you would be paying yourself otherwise.

But it doesn’t stop there. Either you have website already or are thinking about getting one, you have to keep in mind that you need to create a friendly site, where the users can find everything they need easily.

This point is measured by counting how many times the user clicks to get where they want to. It sure must be a low number. Also, you have to think about making a version for other devices besides computers.

Your website’s content is the main course. Try to provide your users with information they won’t easily find just about anywhere else.

That can be done by innovating in the way you name your site’s sections, or by improving the time of response of the e-mails, or blogging about your work, you name it. This is your chance to improve and give your client’s a good experience and getting them to like you without even get to your business yet.

Do you have any new ideas for the rest of your users? What has been working for you?



About the author: Gabriela Dimas